Art against climate change

Today, we present two art projects, which invite us to a different confrontation with the current climate crisis.

What is an artist’s role at a political conference? George Steinmann, who often works at the intersection of art, science, and politics, will explore this question at the COP21 UN Climate Change Conference, where he will act as a the first ever official “artistic observer.” Steinmann will produce sketches, mind maps, drawings, and photographs, which will immediately be posted online and on social media, and will serve as the basis for an exhibition in 2016. Symbioses of Responsibility is an exemplary expression of sustainable art; its aim is to broaden the scientific and political debate on climate change from an aesthetic perception and artistic point of view. Steinmann will also participate in a panel in collaboration with the Embassy of Switzerland in France at the Grand Palais as part of Solutions COP21 (date TBD).

Colleen Flanigan is a socio-ecological artist. Through visual, performing, and biological arts, she investigates contemporary issues of species endangerment and ecosystem regeneration, specifically coral reefs. Her work encompasses Living Sea Sculptures, conversation-catalyzing alter egos, participatory multimedia exhibitions, and more.

Today's quiz

In this video produced for Monterey Bay Aquarium, socio-ecological artist Colleen Flanigan explains how ZOE, her «living sea sculpture» off the coast of Cancún, Mexico, can help. And she has some ideas about how you can help, too.